• King of the Hill
    • Episode 32
    • 01:08:26
    • 2017

    King of the Hill

    Imagine an abandoned White House, covered with graffiti, open to the winds, full of trash, broken bottles and condom wrappers. Now go a step further and picture it against…

  • Short: Fed-Ex Over Your Snow
    • Short Episode
    • 00:16:04
    • 2017

    Short: Fed-Ex Over Your Snow

    People in one-hundred-and-eighty-seven countries around the world – including Iran, Iraq and Papua New Guinea – tune in to Israel Story. And today, we went out to talk to…

  • Dear Lord Rothschild
    • Episode 31
    • 01:05:08
    • 2017

    Dear Lord Rothschild

    On November 2, 1917, Arthur James Balfour – Britain’s mustached Foreign Secretary – signed his name at the bottom of a short, typed letter addressed to a shy banker-turned-zoologist by…

  • Food Fight
    • Episode 30
    • 00:49:32
    • 2017

    Food Fight

    Food, it turns out, is a serious business. And as we recently came to appreciate, it can lead folks to embark on all kinds of unlikely crusades. In today’s episode…

  • A Better Place?
    • Episode 29
    • 00:52:48
    • 2017

    A Better Place?

    In 2007, long before Tesla and Elon Musk became household names, a thirty-nine-year-old Israeli tech entrepreneur by the name of Shai Agassi came out with an announcement that rattled the…

  • On the Outs
    • Episode 28
    • 00:58:19
    • 2017

    On the Outs

    Eli Amir, Eliyahu Rips and Eliezer Sonnenschein couldn’t be more different: the first is a celebrated Baghdad-born author, the second is a brilliant mathematician from Latvia, and the third is…

  • Jarab
    • Episode 27
    • 00:36:24
    • 2017


    More often than not, we think of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel as being adversarial. We frequently hear tales of hatred, violence, animosity and discrimination. But reality is, of course, much…

  • Oath of Blood
    • Episode 26
    • 00:46:44
    • 2017

    Oath of Blood

    In the early summer of 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. The First Lebanon War — as it would later be called — would ultimately lead to thousands of casualties, an eighteen-year-long …

  • Peace Now. Almost.
    • Episode 25
    • 00:31:48
    • 2017

    Peace Now. Almost.

    Though few people grasped it at the time, the Six-Day War put the young state of Israel on an entirely new trajectory. Some see the war’s outcome as a historic…

  • Losing My Religion
    • Episode 24
    • 00:49:18
    • 2017

    Losing My Religion

    In 1991, REM’s Michael Stipe famously sang, “That’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion, trying to keep up with you, and I don’t know if I can do it.”…

  • A Severe Case of Second Generation
    • Episode 23
    • 00:27:30
    • 2017

    A Severe Case of Second Generation

    Early next week we will mark Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are just about 160,000 Holocaust survivors still living in Israel, but they are rapidly vanishing. More than forty…

  • And in the End…
    • Episode 22
    • 00:49:21
    • 2017

    And in the End…

    It’s springtime in Israel and renewal is in the air: Wildflowers are blooming, short pants make their first appearances of the year, and – most importantly – we are back…