• Round Trip
    • Episode 62
    • 00:53:18
    • 2020

    Round Trip

    Many of us would normally be on the move around this time of year. But 2020 has, of course, been everything but normal. So in our episode today, we bring you two less-than-normal travel stories about people going back home – but doing so having gained a new understanding of the place from which they come.

  • Bonus: The Queen Rania Tree, Revisited
    • Bonus Episode
    • 00:31:38
    • 2020

    Bonus: The Queen Rania Tree, Revisited

    On March 29, 2020 – during the very early days of the pandemic – Israel Story fans from around the…

  • Bonus: The Pitcher, Revisited
    • Bonus Episode
    • 00:33:55
    • 2020

    Bonus: The Pitcher, Revisited

    In celebration of Hanukkah, we revisit – and update – one of our fan favorites. An episode that – much like the tale of Hanukkah itself – is all about a miraculous jug of liquid.

  • The Princess
    • Episode 61
    • 00:56:46
    • 2020

    The Princess

    Most Israelis remember the 2005 disengagement from Gaza as a dramatic moment of national upheaval. But for Hodaya Azulay of the Jewish settlement of Netzarim, the drama was of a different nature altogether – it marked a traumatic turning point in her relationship with her favorite mare, Sheleg.

  • Bonus: Man, I Feel Like A Woman, Revisited
    • Bonus Episode
    • 00:58:38
    • 2020

    Bonus: Man, I Feel Like A Woman, Revisited

    On April 13, 2020 – in the middle of our first pandemic Passover – Israel Story fans from around the…

  • Horsing Around
    • Episode 60
    • 00:42:26
    • 2020

    Horsing Around

    Cowgirls with oversized belt buckles and horse breeders fantasizing about producing world champions are not exactly what come to mind when you think of Israel. But today we take you into arenas, rings, and stables around the country to uncover a surprising subculture of equine enthusiasts.

  • The Last Laugh
    • Episode 59
    • 00:43:59
    • 2020

    The Last Laugh

    Forty years after Carl Sagan’s ‘Golden Records’ began their long voyage into the depths of outer space, Eyal Gever – an Israeli high-tech-wunderkind-turned-conceptual-artist – received an unusual call: NASA asked him to create the first artwork to be printed in space. What, he now had to decide, truly captured the essence of humanity?

  • The Dreamer
    • Episode 58
    • 01:04:46
    • 2020

    The Dreamer

    David Ben Shabat hates being called a prophet. As he sees it, he’s just a guy who stumbled upon a deep truth and wants to share it with the people. But, come to think of it, isn’t that precisely the definition of a prophet?

  • Bonus: Love Syndrome, Revisited
    • Bonus Episode
    • 01:08:47
    • 2020

    Bonus: Love Syndrome, Revisited

    Now that “Alone, Together” is over, and before we turn to stories that – gasp – have little to do with the virus, we revisit and update our most popular episode ever – “Love Syndrome.”

  • “Alone, Together” Part VII – Something Like A Brother
    • Episode 57
    • 00:30:00
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part VII – Something Like A Brother

    Stories matter. They have the power of connecting us over time and space. And in the finale of our “Alone, Together” miniseries, we see how a podcast episode turned two strangers – a man from Migdal HaEmek, Israel, and a woman from Porto Alegre, Brazil – into soulmates.

  • “Alone, Together” Part VI – Six Feet (Under)
    • Episode 56
    • 00:41:59
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part VI – Six Feet (Under)

    Israel’s one thousandth COVID-19 casualty passed away this weekend. And for all of us, death has sadly been an ever-present part of life over the past six months. In the penultimate episode of our “Alone, Together” series, we bring you two stories about dying in times of Corona.

  • “Alone, Together” Part V – Enjoy Your Stay
    • Episode 55
    • 01:07:01
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part V – Enjoy Your Stay

    Around the world, the tourism industry essentially dried up during the pandemic. But in Israel there was one category of hotels – the so-called “Corona Hotels” – that actually thrived. And depending on whom you ask, they were either a post-apocalyptic heaven or an exit-less hell.

  • “Alone, Together” Part IV – The Lifesavers
    • Episode 54
    • 00:45:31
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part IV – The Lifesavers

    The global pandemic has introduced us to many “lifesavers”—doctors, nurses, and medical staff who are on the frontlines day in and day out. But what happens when those ‘superheroes’ need to be saved themselves? And can saving a life end up saving your life, too?

  • “Alone, Together” Part III – Gevalt
    • Episode 53
    • 00:40:38
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part III – Gevalt

    Israel’s ultra-orthodox community was hit twice during COVID-19: First, and in disproportionate numbers, by the virus itself, and then by a wave of anti-Haredi sentiment that pervaded the country. Here’s what it looked like from their perspective.

  • “Alone, Together” Part II – In the Beginning
    • Episode 52
    • 00:45:50
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part II – In the Beginning

    Six months ago, very few people knew what ‘sheltering in place’ or ‘flattening the curve’ meant. Today, we live in a new world, and it’s often hard to remember what it was like at the beginning.

  • “Alone, Together” Part I – Mazal Tov!
    • Episode 51
    • 01:10:46
    • 2020

    “Alone, Together” Part I – Mazal Tov!

    The global pandemic has—to state the obvious—reshaped our lives, refocused our priorities, and forced us to reevaluate countless things we’ve long taken for granted…

  • Introducing Our New Miniseries – “Alone, Together”
    • Short Episode
    • 00:08:00
    • 2020

    Introducing Our New Miniseries – “Alone, Together”

    Like the rest of the world, Israel experienced curfews and lockdowns, shifting social distancing guidelines, layoffs, economic hardship, illness and…