Who Are We?

Israel Story's mission is to promote a deeper understanding of - and connection to - Israel, through non-political, human-interest storytelling.

Who Are We?

Our Goals Are To…

  • Use the power of storytelling to expand the circle of those engaged with Israel
  • Promote greater awareness of, and interest in, the complexities of modern Israeli society
  • Combat stereotypes by showcasing the country’s rich human tapestry and telling the story of a diverse, more nuanced, Israel

Our Story

Israel Story, or ‘Sipur Israeli,’ was born as a late-night project in 2011 at the hands of childhood friends Mishy Harman, Yochai Maital, Shai Satran, and Ro’ee Gilron. Our hope was to step outside of our social bubbles and explore the diversity of our own country. We had no relevant experience but nevertheless dreamed of creating a small podcast, meant primarily for friends and family. Our first episode initially had eleven downloads. Yet what followed exceeded our wildest dreams: Within a few months, our show was picked up by Galey Tzahal and soon offered a prime time slot on national radio. Suddenly reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners, we were inundated by messages saying that Israel Story offered a unique way of encountering the rich human tapestry of the country.

In 2014, we decided to add a new facet to our operation, and – in addition to the Hebrew show – started producing episodes in English, in partnership with Tablet Magazine. Then, in 2021, we began partnering with The Jerusalem Foundation as well. We figured that the Israel people loved, as well as the Israel people hated, was – largely speaking – an imaginary place. We, on the other hand, wished to tell stories of the ‘real’ Israel; to showcase a different, more nuanced, and more diverse, Israel. We do not, therefore, focus on politics, the BDS movement or governmental propaganda. Instead, we collect stories that celebrate the plurality of local communities and traditions, and try to present a cross-section of ‘Israeliness.’ We have come to think of our microphones as magic wands that allow us to enter homes and communities that are often sidelined and silenced in the mainstream media.

Israelis are a nation of storytellers. And our job is to amplify voices and shine a spotlight on the small and large dramas that make up Israeli life.

The Team

  • Mishy Harman

    Mishy Harman
    Host, Senior Producer

    Mishy is a Jerusalemite, through and through. Following his military service, he studied history at Harvard, archeology at Cambridge and…

  • Zev Levi

    Zev Levi
    Managing Producer

    Zev grew up in Perth, Australia, and started out as a mechatronics engineer. Having lived and worked in Perth’s music…

  • Yochai Maital

    Yochai Maital
    Senior Producer

    Yochai grew up in Haifa, but now can’t imagine calling anywhere but Tel Aviv his home. After eight years as…

  • Adina Karpuj

    Adina Karpuj

    Adina is a Chilean native who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. After traveling the world for a year, she moved…

  • Mitch Ginsburg

    Mitch Ginsburg

    Mitch Ginsburg, a reporter, editor, writer, and literary translator, grew up in Queens, NY and has lived in Jerusalem since…

  • Yael Ben Horin

    Yael Ben Horin

    Yael grew up in Madrid, Spain, where she developed an obsession with libraries and people-watching. She recently acquired her MSc…

  • Jennifer Cutler

    Jennifer Cutler
    Production Coordinator

    Born in Philadelphia, Jennifer moved to Jerusalem in 2018 to study at the Hebrew University and by the time she…

  • Alexandra Moller

    Alexandra Moller
    Project Manager

    Alexandra (Ali) hails from the Big Apple. Her journalism experience includes stints in broadcast news at ABC News, and at…

  • Husam Abu Diab

    Husam Abu Diab

    Husam is a Jerusalemite. He studied Acting and Video Art/Documentary Production at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and likes…

  • Rotem Zin

    Rotem Zin
    Chief Financial Officer

    Rotem was Born in Seattle, Washington, and lives in Haifa with his wife, four kids, and their dog Billie. He…