Educational Resources

Podcasts bring stories to life, exposing us to different narratives and opinions, enriching our knowledge and providing an opportunity for critical inquiry. As a result, educators are finding new ways to bring them into classrooms, discussions, and community gatherings.

There are many ways to explore Israel Story’s rich content. Each episode can be discussed in one session or broken into several lessons, depending on time and audience. Learners can listen on their own or together during class. Educators can facilitate discussions on key issues, assign individual exploration or implement activities.

Below are free discussion guides and class resources to facilitate Israel education through the emotional strength of Israel Story episodes.

Meet the Hostages’ Parents

In collaboration with Everyone Counts

Using moving and powerful clips from two episodes of Israel Story’s Wartime Diaries podcast series, we will meet the parents of two hostages—Hersh Goldberg-Polin and Alon Ohel, both of whom were abducted from the Nova music festival on October 7, 2023—and hear about the different ways in which they take action toward the release of their sons.

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Wartime Diaries: Mor Maisel

In collaboration with The Jewish Education Project

Everything in this corner of the world changed on Saturday, October 7, 2023. All around us, friends, family, colleagues, people have died. People are missing. People have been kidnapped. The war forced many people to reevaluate their identities and political sensibilities—not an easy task during shocking and painful days. Mor Maisel’s opinions are complicated and don’t conform to the norm, which may be challenging for some listeners, and reassuring for others.

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Music Makes It OK: David Broza

In collaboration with M2 The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

Based on the Wartime Diaries: David Broza episode, this classroom discussion guide explores the power of music to create hope in the face of crisis and trauma.

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Mixtape Companion

In collaboration with The iCenter

Music and song play a central role in Israel’s culture. From the early pioneers, who adapted their songs to their new homeland, to the contemporary sound and verse of today’s poets and lyricists – the playlist evolves to reflect the changing history of Israel.

These materials harness the power of music to inspire connections to the land and people of Israel. Mixtape, an Israel Story  miniseries, provides an in-depth exploration of Israel’s ultimate playlist. This four-part musical journey takes us through anthems, songs of yearning and songs of war, and peace, showcasing the stories behind some of Israel’s most iconic tunes.

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