Short Episode

David Broza

  • 14:52
  • 2023
David Broza

There’s a long tradition of musicians and entertainers performing on the frontlines during times of war. And, indeed, almost immediately, Israel’s leading artists began crisscrossing the country in a joint effort to lift morale.

For David Broza, this kind of work isn’t, unfortunately, new. He’s been performing for troops since the mid-seventies, and for the last two weeks hasn’t stopped for a minute. Broza has given more than fifty concerts since the start of the war — in hotel lobbies, army bases, bomb shelters, kibbutz lawns and even at the bris of a baby from Kfar Aza. Basically wherever his talent can bring some joy and offer a temporary escape from reality, Broza has performed. We joined him at Kibbutz Gal’ed in the north, where he was performing for families evacuated from their homes.


The end song is Yihiye Tov (“It Will Be Good”) by David Broza.