• 68 and Counting – Part II
    • Episode 21
    • 00:49:33
    • 2016

    68 and Counting – Part II

    In the second installment of this two-part series (and our season two finale), we pick up where we left off last week: Presenting small stories – one per decade…

  • 68 and Counting- Part I
    • Episode 20
    • 00:52:10
    • 2016

    68 and Counting- Part I

    This is the first in a two-part series that takes us through Israel’s short but dramatic history. Over the last few months, we’ve spent many hours, in all kinds of …

  • Of Numbers and Names
    • Episode 19
    • 00:48:42
    • 2016

    Of Numbers and Names

    This Thursday, May 5th, Israelis observe Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. At 10 a.m., according to custom, an air raid will sound and the country will fall quiet for …

  • Thicker Than Water
    • Episode 18
    • 01:00:24
    • 2016

    Thicker Than Water

    On today’s show, we delve into the world of family bonds. We’ll ask how they’re formed, and how they change over time, and are challenged in a bunch of different …

  • Stop That Bus!
    • Episode 17
    • 00:54:12
    • 2016

    Stop That Bus!

    Israeli buses regularly make international headlines, be it for suicide bombings, fights over gender segregation or clashes concerning Shabbat schedules. On this week’s episode, we delve into the world of lesser known bus-related conflicts.

  • Over and Out
    • Episode 16
    • 01:11:19
    • 2016

    Over and Out

    Stories of relationships that have ended, and the things (the often slightly nutty things) that people do in the aftermath.

  • Love, Revisited
    • Episode 15
    • 00:45:47
    • 2016

    Love, Revisited

    The stories in today’s episode come from our most recent live show, “Israel in Love.” We’ll meet three couples looking back at their love affairs from very different vantage points.

  • Besties
    • Episode 14
    • 00:44:06
    • 2016


    How Moshe Dayan’s wife and Yasser Arafat’s mother-in-law became bosom buddies, and other tales of unlikely friendships.

  • Sacred Plants
    • Episode 13
    • 00:54:33
    • 2016

    Sacred Plants

    How we change nature and nature changes us, from wildflower picking in Israel to ayahuasca retreats in Peru.

  • Now Boarding
    • Episode 12
    • 00:50:29
    • 2016

    Now Boarding

    The first place travelers to Israel encounter is usually Ben Gurion Airport. What they’ll remember of that experience depends in part on their relationship to the country. Are they coming home? Arriving to a place they’ve always dreamed of visiting? Passing through, with fear or wariness, en route to someplace else?

  • Herzl 48 Live
    • Episode 11
    • 00:37:16
    • 2016

    Herzl 48 Live

    Israel Story producers crisscrossed the small country, visiting every 48 Herzl Street and collecting stories from whomever they encountered.

  • Birthstory
    • Episode 10
    • 01:05:55
    • 2016


    An Israeli couple flies to Nepal to pick up their three babies from two surrogate mothers and discover that the transaction is not as straightforward as it seems.