Episode 19

Of Numbers and Names

  • 48:42
  • 2016
For Yom HaShoah, stories of Israeli encounters with the Holocaust in the years and decades after it ended.
Of Numbers and Names

This Thursday, May 5th, Israelis observe Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.  At 10 a.m., according to custom, an air raid will sound and the country will fall quiet for two long minutes.  Silence won’t do for a podcast, so instead we bring you two stories.

Act I: B-1367

Mishy Harman

Our first story, “B-1367,” is about an elderly father and his 53-year old son, and the inked number that binds them.

Act II: Herr Eichmann

Katie Pulverman, Shai Inbal

In Act II, “Herr Eichmann,” we meet up with a group of men for whom Eichmann is not a symbol of Nazi evil, but a gaunt, balding prisoner for whom they were responsible, as guards and interrogators.


For more sounds of Israel, listen to our featured song.
Words and Melody: Amir Lev