Episode 17

Stop That Bus!

  • 54:12
  • 2016
The world's largest bus station, and a bus driver who wanted to be God.
Stop That Bus!

Israeli buses regularly make international headlines, be it for suicide bombings, fights over gender segregation or clashes concerning Shabbat schedules. On this week’s episode, we delve into the world of lesser known bus-related conflicts.

Act I: The White Elephant

Yochai Maital

In Act I, “The White Elephant,” Yochai Maital walks us through the history of Tel Aviv’s ‘New’ Central Bus Station — a derelict eight-story behemoth and modern day Tower of Babel — which mirrors much of modern Israeli history, with its grand vision and messy implementation.

Act I Song:
“The Old Station”
התחנה הישנה
Words and Melody: Kobi Ozby
Sung by: Teapacks

Act II: The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God

Etgar Keret

Act II, “The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God,” is adapted from Etgar Keret’s short story collection of the same name, and performed by Keret himself. In it, we meet—yes—a bus driver whose deeply held belief in equity and fairness flies right smack in the face of Eddie, an assistant cook who has a problem getting places on time.