Episode 12

Now Boarding

  • 50:29
  • 2016
Tales of love and interrogation at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport
Now Boarding

The first place travelers to Israel encounter is usually Ben Gurion Airport. What they’ll remember of that experience depends in part on their relationship to the country. Are they coming home? Arriving to a place they’ve always dreamed of visiting? Passing through, with fear or wariness, en route to someplace else?

In this week’s episode of Israel Story, we hear from people who have had unforgettable encounters in or on their way to TLV.

Act I: Think Very Very Carefully

Mishy Harman

Israeli airport security is really tight, and it’s a huge issue, that gets a lot of people – both Israelis and foreigners – riled up. That brings us to our first story today. The story of Nathan and Emily. Act One – “Think Very Very Carefully.”

Act II: The El-Al Stowaway

Julie Subrin

Julie Subrin takes us back to the sixties, and to one fourteen year old boy, who just had to fly.