• A Man on A Mission
    • Episode 4
    • 00:55:35
    • 2014

    A Man on A Mission

    Three Israelis who are not religious but have pursued unusual hobbies with missionary zeal. One is a hitman-for-hire, another collects a highly specific classification of autographs, and the third is a professional whistler.

  • People of the Book
    • Episode 3
    • 01:00:59
    • 2014

    People of the Book

    Three stories that all revolve around people who rescue books, chase after books, or otherwise allow books to determine their destiny—from a Yiddish book collector based in the Tel Aviv central bus station to a lonely college student to bibliophiles in search of the lost fragments of the Aleppo Codex.

  • Love Syndrome
    • Episode 2
    • 00:57:06
    • 2014

    Love Syndrome

    For Enid, the birth of her sixth child—born with Down syndrome, started her and her family on an incredible journey—to Tzfat, Israel, and from there to court rooms, hospitals, ultra-Orthodox yeshivas, and wedding halls, all so she could do right by her child and the other special-needs children she picked up along the way.

  • Faking It
    • Episode 1
    • 00:58:42
    • 2014

    Faking It

    From our relationship with Ira Glass to priceless antiquities all the way to coveted sick passes – Israeli stories that are anything but real. In our very first episode, the Israel Story team delves into the realm of fakes, forgeries, and mimicry.