Bonus Episode

Bonus: The Pitcher, Revisited

  • 33:55
  • 2020
In celebration of Hanukkah, we revisit - and update - one of our fan favorites. An episode that - much like the tale of Hanukkah itself - is all about a miraculous jug of liquid.
Bonus: The Pitcher, Revisited

At the center of the Hanukkah tale is the story of the Maccabees entering the desecrated holy Temple and finding a single sealed jug with just enough oil to light the Menorah for one night. But miraculously, of course, that oil somehow lasted for eight nights.

A few years ago, we aired a story about a different kind of jug of liquid that – at least for one person – held a similarly significant, and miraculous, meaning. So from the vaults of our archive, we bring you our 2017 story, The Pitcher.

Act I - The Pitcher

Mishy Harman, Shai Satran

Some kids dream of going to the moon. Others want to become millionaires. But growing up, Ariel Harpaz had a seemingly more attainable goal in mind – getting his picture up on the wall of Pinati, a popular hummus joint in downtown Jerusalem. Many years later, he enlisted his friends Mishy Harman and Shai Satran to help him guarantee that what he calls the “most important achievement” of his life – i.e. introducing the concept of a pitcher of Kool-Aid to Pinati – is never forgotten.

Epilogue: Never Ever

Mishy Harman

Three years after the original story aired, Mishy Harman returned to the scene of action, to check up on Ariel’s legacy.


The original music in ‘The Pitcher’ was composed and performed by Ari Jacob. Sela Waisblum mixed the episode, and Zev Levi edited the re-release. The end song, Orot (“Lights”) is by Avraham Tal.