Episode 23

A Severe Case of Second Generation

  • 27:30
  • 2017
Lizzie Doron always felt there was an invisible ghost in her life. She wasn't wrong.
A Severe Case of Second Generation

Early next week we will mark Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are just about 160,000 Holocaust survivors still living in Israel, but they are rapidly vanishing. More than forty survivors die each day. And that means that the memory of the Holocaust, and the stories we tell and hear about the Holocaust are also changing. There are fewer and fewer first-hand testimonies, and more and more tales – like our episode today – of second generation survivors.

Prologue: Immediate Help

Mishy Harman

Mishy Harman talks to Tamara More, the (tired and overworked) volunteer CEO of the Association for Immediate Help for Holocaust Survivors.

Act I: A Severe Case of Second Generation

Maya Kosover

Lizzie Doron is an Israeli author who was born in Tel Aviv in the early 1950s. Like many others of her generation, she grew up in the shadow of the horrors of the holocaust, and her childhood was filled with silence. Her questions about the family’s past were either left unanswered or else flat-out ignored. So, in a neighborhood where traumatic memories were relived on a nightly basis, Lizzie had to use her imagination to fill in the blanks of her own story. And, in her mind, she wasn’t alone. There was always someone there, looking out for her, looking at her. Maya Kosover unfolds an unusual saga which ends – decades after Lizzie left her mother’s home – with a shocking discovery.


Musical Credits

The original music commissioned for this episode was composed and performed by The Hazelnuts – Shira Z. Carmel, Yifeat Ziv and Ronnie Wagner. This story was made possible by the generosity of the JCC Manhattan.


Mihu Hameyalel Ba Ruach (מיהו המיילל ברוח) – 
Words by Yaakov Orland / traditional Russian song / arrangement by Yifeat Ziv.
Vocals: Shira Z. Carmel, Yifeat Ziv & Ronnie Wagner.

Ten Li (תן לי) – 
Words, music & arrangement by Yifeat Ziv.
Vocals: Shira Z. Carmel, Yifeat Ziv & Sapir Rosenblatt