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  • Love Syndrome
    • Episode 2
    • 57:06
    • 2014

    Love Syndrome

    For Enid, the birth of her sixth child—born with Down syndrome, started her and her family on an incredible journey—to Tzfat, Israel, and from there to court rooms, hospitals, ultra-Orthodox yeshivas, and wedding halls, all so she could do right by her child and the other special-needs children she picked up along the way.
  • Rabin Is…
    • Episode 8
    • 1:05:56
    • 2015

    Rabin Is…

    Rabin is a symbol. An icon. Twenty years later, it isn't so simple to understand what he truly stands for anymore.
  • Man, I Feel Like a Woman
    • Episode 9
    • 40:52
    • 2015

    Man, I Feel Like a Woman

    What do you do when you realize that in order to be true to yourself, you have to shatter everything around you, including the lives of those you love most?
  • Birthstory
    • Episode 10
    • 1:05:55
    • 2016


    An Israeli couple flies to Nepal to pick up their three babies from two surrogate mothers and discover that the transaction is not as straightforward as it seems.
  • Herzl 48 Live
    • Episode 11
    • 37:16
    • 2016

    Herzl 48 Live

    Israel Story producers crisscrossed the small country, visiting every 48 Herzl Street and collecting stories from whomever they encountered.