Signed, Sealed, Delivered?

Thirty-seven people signed Megillat Ha’Atzmaut. There were no Arabs, and for that matter no non-Jews, among them. But the group that did sign represented many factions of the Jewish population: There were Revisionists and Labor Party apparatchiks; capitalists and communists and socialists; kibbutznikim, moshavnikim and city folk; charedi rabbis and atheists.

Over the course of several months, our team diligently tracked down the closest living relative of each one of these signatories, and interviewed them. We talked about their ancestors and families, about the promise of the Declaration, the places in which we delivered on that promise, the places in which we exceeded our wildest dreams, and also about the places where we fell short.

And it is through these descendants of the men and women who – with the strike of a pen – gave birth to this country of ours, that we wish to learn something about ourselves.

    • Short Episode
    • 3:12
    • 2023

    We Hereby Declare

    “Signed, Sealed, Delivered?” looks at our founding moral compass – Megillat Ha’Atzmaut, or the Declaration of Independence. Through the descendants...
    • Episode 80
    • 29:06
    • 2023

    Introducing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered?”

    Israel’s Declaration of Independence was forged amid strife and turmoil. It was a birth that, everyone knew, would trigger war....
    • Episode 81
    • 20:23
    • 2023

    David Ben-Gurion

    David Ben-Gurion, perhaps the most influential Jewish leader since Moses, needs no introduction. Here though are a few facts about...
    • Episode 90
    • 34:30
    • 2023

    Yitzhak Meir Levin

    Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Levin was – in every way possible – Hasidic royalty. He was born in 1893 in the...
    • Episode 82
    • 22:58
    • 2023

    Zorach Warhaftig

    Warhaftig was an important leader of the Mafdal – the National Religious Party. During WWII, he saved the lives of...
    • Episode 83
    • 20:39
    • 2023

    Mordechai Schattner

    Mordechai Schattner was born in Eastern Galicia – then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – in 1904. He was a...
    • Episode 84
    • 21:46
    • 2023

    Rachel Cohen-Kagan

    Rachel Cohen-Kagan was born in 1888 into the Zionist Lubarsky family of Odessa. Her father, Ya’akov, was one of the...
    • Episode 85
    • 22:56
    • 2023

    David Remez

    David Remez was born as Moshe David Drabkin in what is today Belarus, in 1886. As a boy he studied...
    • Episode 86
    • 20:59
    • 2023

    Daniel Auster

    Daniel Auster was born in Galicia in 1893 and earned a law degree from the University of Vienna before making...
    • Episode 87
    • 25:25
    • 2023

    Sa’adia Kobashi

    Sa’adia Kobashi was born in the small village of Khubesh, Yemen, in 1902. During Passover of 1909 his father Yihye,...
    • Episode 88
    • 21:58
    • 2023

    Pinchas Rosen

    Pinchas Rosen, or Felix Rosenblüth (as he was called in his youth), was born in Berlin in 1887, and grew...
    • Episode 89
    • 21:32
    • 2023

    Moshe Kol

    Moshe Kolodny, who’d later on change his surname to Kol, was born in 1911 in the heart of the Pale...
    • Episode 91
    • 27:30
    • 2023

    Herzl Rosenblum

    Herzl Rosenblum was born in 1903, a year before the death of his namesake, Theodor Herzl, who – of course...
    • Episode 92
    • 21:01
    • 2023

    Meir Argov

    Meir Argov was born as Meir Grabovsky in Rîbnița, Bessarabia, in 1905. At the age of 14, while his family...
    • Short Episode
    • 8:27
    • 2023

    Bonus: The Broadcast

    “Signed, Sealed, Delivered?” introduces us to all 37 signatories of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, through the recollections of their closest...