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  • “The Wall” Part I – Operation Hulda
    • Episode 40
    • 55:00
    • 2019

    “The Wall” Part I – Operation Hulda

    Everywhere we turn these days, it seems as if walls are staring back at us. Their powers are magical: They protect and alienate; keep people both in and out...
  • “Mixtape” Part I – Our Hope?
    • Episode 36
    • 36:36
    • 2018

    “Mixtape” Part I – Our Hope?

    Let’s face it – when it comes to Israel, everything is complicated. Politics are complicated, religion is complicated, democracy is complicated, the conflict is complicated. Even our complications are complicated. ...
  • “Mixtape” Part II – Iron and Gold
    • Episode 37
    • 44:26
    • 2018

    “Mixtape” Part II – Iron and Gold

    In 1968, an up-and-coming left-wing politician by the name of Uri Avnery brazenly suggested replacing Israel’s national anthem, HaTikvah. His proposal was surprising, given the fact that the would-be replacement was the unequivocal ...
  • “Mixtape” Part III – Eastward Bound
    • Episode 38
    • 47:50
    • 2018

    “Mixtape” Part III – Eastward Bound

    In Israel today, Mizrahi – or “Eastern” – music is ubiquitous. In fact, to many, it is practically synonymous with Israeli music. But that wasn’t always the case. For decades, ...
  • “Mixtape” Part IV – War, Peace and Bumper Stickers
    • Episode 39
    • 43:42
    • 2018

    “Mixtape” Part IV – War, Peace and Bumper Stickers

    Over the last four episodes, we’ve told the stories behind some of Israel’s most iconic songs. When we set off on this musical journey, we hoped to find a unicorn, ...
  • King of the Hill
    • Episode 32
    • 1:08:26
    • 2017

    King of the Hill

    Imagine an abandoned White House, covered with graffiti, open to the winds, full of trash, broken bottles and condom wrappers. Now go a step further and picture it against...