Short Episode

Elliot Cosgrove and Mishy Harman

  • 24:41
  • 2023
Elliot Cosgrove and Mishy Harman

Last week, our host Mishy Harman was interviewed by Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove for the Park Avenue Synagogue Podcast. And as this is, in a way, Mishy’s wartime diary, we decided to share it with our listeners too.

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we really need your support. As you probably know, almost as soon as the war began, we pivoted our entire operation and launched our Wartime Diaries series, in which we bring you voices that try to capture slivers of life right now. These episodes reach the largest number of listeners we’ve ever known, and we are extremely touched by the outpouring of love coming our way. If you feel that – in some small way – we have helped you get through these terrible weeks, if our episodes have given you some comfort, or hope, or understanding, please go to our website – – and help us continue doing what we do.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and may we all know quiet and calm days to come.


The end song is Abba Sipur (“Story Father”) by Miki Gavrielov.