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Welcome to Israel Story – the award-winning podcast that tells extraordinary tales about ordinary Israelis. Often called “the Israeli ‘This American Life,'” we bring you quirky, unpredictable, interesting and moving stories about a place we all think we know a lot about, but really don’t.

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Latest Episodes

  • Bonus: Turkey Time!
    • Short Episode
    • 16:53
    • 2021

    Bonus: Turkey Time!

    As many of us celebrate the holiday and think about all that we are thankful for, we hope you will…

  • Bonus: Yalla Banaat
    • Short Episode
    • 25:06
    • 2021

    Bonus: Yalla Banaat

     The only way we manage to survive, the only way we’re able to produce season after season, is with your…

  • Lost and Found – Part II
    • Episode 72
    • 43:06
    • 2021

    Lost and Found – Part II

    In Part I of our ‘Lost and Found’ double-hitter, we heard how Steve Gray and Anat Harrel of Kibbutz Hanaton…

  • Lost and Found – Part I
    • Episode 71
    • 47:04
    • 2021

    Lost and Found – Part I

    We all know that sinking feeling of having lost something dear to our heart. Sometimes these things are gone for…

  • Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Soul Food”
    • Short Episode
    • 17:54
    • 2021

    Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Soul Food”

    When we decide to pursue a story, we identify the relevant characters, reach out to them and go interview them….

  • Soul Food
    • Episode 70
    • 58:03
    • 2021

    Soul Food

    While “soul food” has come to mean a specific type of cuisine, for the women we encounter in today’s episode,…