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Welcome to Israel Story – the award-winning podcast that tells extraordinary tales about ordinary Israelis. Often called “the Israeli ‘This American Life,'” we bring you quirky, unpredictable, interesting and moving stories about a place we all think we know a lot about, but really don’t. Produced in partnership with The Jerusalem Foundation.

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Latest Episodes

  • Free as a Bird
    • Episode 77
    • 1:23:27
    • 2023

    Free as a Bird

    These are – it goes without saying – tumultuous times here in Israel. But especially now, we believe it is…

  • Going, Going, Gone
    • Episode 76
    • 59:15
    • 2022

    Going, Going, Gone

    This is our final episode of the season, and it has been quite a journey. We began with our day…

  • Sbarro – Twenty Years Later
    • Episode 75
    • 1:12:40
    • 2021

    Sbarro – Twenty Years Later

    Israel has, unfortunately, witnessed many terror attacks throughout its history. But few are as memorable as the Sbarro suicide bombing….

  • Shatnez
    • Episode 74
    • 59:45
    • 2021


    Israeli society is often described as a collection of demographic bubbles – self-contained ecosystems, each with its own population, its…

  • DIY
    • Episode 73
    • 35:26
    • 2021


    People often say that there is something particularly Israeli about the concept of ‘doing it yourself.’ And that makes sense….

  • Bonus: Turkey Time!
    • Short Episode
    • 16:53
    • 2021

    Bonus: Turkey Time!

    As many of us celebrate the holiday and think about all that we are thankful for, we hope you will…