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Welcome to Israel Story – the award-winning podcast that tells extraordinary tales about ordinary Israelis. Often called “the Israeli ‘This American Life,'” we bring you quirky, unpredictable, interesting and moving stories about a place we all think we know a lot about, but really don’t.

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Latest Episodes

  • Soul Food
    • Episode 70
    • 58:03
    • 2021

    Soul Food

    While “soul food” has come to mean a specific type of cuisine, for the women we encounter in today’s episode,…

  • Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Pigging Out”
    • Short Episode
    • 13:46
    • 2021

    Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Pigging Out”

    Pigging Out was supposed to come out long ago: The stories had been recorded, drafts had been written and we…

  • Pigging Out
    • Episode 69
    • 1:09:50
    • 2021

    Pigging Out

    Not once, but twice, does the Bible admonish us to abstain from eating the flesh of the pig. And though…

  • No Place Like Home
    • Episode 68
    • 1:01:54
    • 2021

    No Place Like Home

    In different ways, we are all constantly searching for a place to call home. For some that home is physical,…

  • A Day at the Y
    • Episode 67
    • 1:12:14
    • 2021

    A Day at the Y

    On June 7, 2021 the entire Israel Story team – nine radio producers – descended upon the Jerusalem International YMCA….

  • Game Changer
    • Episode 66
    • 49:45
    • 2021

    Game Changer

    With the fate of the 2020 – now 2021 – Tokyo Olympic Games still up in the air, our season finale tells the story of a dream to introduce a sport to a nation, and a nation to a sport. But it is a dream made up of as many tears of pain and disappointment as it is of joy and triumph.