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Welcome to Israel Story – the award-winning podcast that tells extraordinary tales about ordinary Israelis. Often called “the Israeli ‘This American Life,'” we bring you quirky, unpredictable, interesting and moving stories about a place we all think we know a lot about, but really don’t. Produced in partnership with The Jerusalem Foundation and The Times of Israel.

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Latest Episodes

  • Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin
    • Short Episode
    • 25:05
    • 2023

    Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin

    Many of you have probably heard, or read about, Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin, the parents of 23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin,…

  • Elliot Cosgrove and Mishy Harman
    • Short Episode
    • 24:41
    • 2023

    Elliot Cosgrove and Mishy Harman

    Last week, our host Mishy Harman was interviewed by Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove for the Park Avenue Synagogue Podcast. And as…

  • Doron Krakow
    • Short Episode
    • 17:19
    • 2023

    Doron Krakow

    This war is a humbling experience for us all. People — no matter who they are or what they normally…

  • Hagit Maoz
    • Short Episode
    • 16:11
    • 2023

    Hagit Maoz

    Almost immediately after the start of the attack of October 7th, as rockets were being launched at Jerusalem, and sirens…

  • Datya Itzhaki
    • Short Episode
    • 19:02
    • 2023

    Datya Itzhaki

    In the summer of 2005, the government of Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza. The roughly 8,000 residents of the 21…

  • Hai Ashkenazi
    • Short Episode
    • 14:50
    • 2023

    Hai Ashkenazi

    53-year-old Hai Ashkenazi from Tel Aviv is an archeologist, but never imagined he would find himself excavating a 21st-century Kibbutz….