Jewish Holidays

Stories to explore the themes of the Jewish calendar


  • Dear God – A Rosh HaShanah Special
    • Episode 44
    • 29:59
    • 2019

    Dear God – A Rosh HaShanah Special

    For many folks, visiting the Kotel is emotional, meaningful and – more than anything – private. In fact, the single most common experience people have at the Western Wall is ...
  • Explosive Confession – A Yom Kippur Special
    • Episode 45
    • 31:20
    • 2019

    Explosive Confession – A Yom Kippur Special

    In 1989, Robby Berman – a recent Yeshiva University grad and enthusiastic Zionist – made aliyah and was drafted into the IDF. But nothing in his basic training prepared him ...
  • Tell Saki – Part I
    • Episode 63
    • 1:00:18
    • 2021

    Tell Saki – Part I

    We embark on a two-episode journey back to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and specifically to one small hill - a dormant volcanic tell - in the southern Golan Heights. There, we follow a group of young IDF soldiers who, trapped in a small bunker for thirty-six hours, went to hell and back.
  • Tell Saki – Part II
    • Episode 64
    • 53:37
    • 2021

    Tell Saki – Part II

    We conclude our two-part Tell Saki story by returning to the soldiers after the battle and following their respective journeys - full of pain and regret, but also full of longing and camaraderie - in the years since the Yom Kippur War.
  • No Place Like Home
    • Episode 68
    • 1:01:54
    • 2021

    No Place Like Home

    In different ways, we are all constantly searching for a place to call home. For some that home is physical,...
  • Coming Out, Getting In
    • Episode 34
    • 1:05:22
    • 2018

    Coming Out, Getting In

    Tonight, Jews around the world will gather together at their seder tables. They will drink wine, ask questions, search for the Afikoman and recite the obligation to see themselves as if they...
  • Whither Thou Goest
    • Episode 35
    • 1:08:56
    • 2018

    Whither Thou Goest

    Somewhere between post-Passover fatigue and summer-is-around-the-corner excitement, Shavout tends to be overlooked. But in reality, it is the secret gem of the Jewish calendar: A festival that’s all about strong women, wheat ...