Pitch Your Story

If you have a story, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re a writer or journalist and you want to report this story yourself, please let us know.

Please also note that the Israel Story team does its own independent fact-checking and research into pitches.

You can also send your pitch by email to: pitches@israelstory.org


What's the story? (Please note, this isn't an ad; don't leave us with questions or cliffhangers. Tell us the whole story, including the driving conflict, and what you imagine as the climax.)
Who are the characters, and whose voice(s) would be good for telling the story, and do you know if those characters would be willing to be recorded? (If you already have access to any relevant recordings, that’s good to know too.)
What’s at stake? The higher the stakes the better. Another way to think of this is, what makes listeners care– is there anything about the story/conflict that connects to a bigger question, or something that a lot of listeners would relate to?
What do you think is surprising about the story? This is especially important for the story on a big scale, but a few little surprising details like characters’ quirky habits or weird little coincidences can also be helpful! One thing to remember is that surprising is a little different in the context of a radio show/ podcast–some things that are surprising in everyday life are predictable when they’re presented in mass media.