Melting Pot

When David Ben-Gurion envisioned what Israel could become, he thought of a “melting pot” – a country where Jews of all kinds, religious and secular, eastern and western, would come together and form a new, uniquely Israeli, identity. Less than seven decades later, Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin, famously divided the population into four discrete “tribes” – secular, religious, ultra-orthodox and Arabs. In an unforgettable blend of storytelling, live music and dazzling visuals, we set out to discover how, and whether, Ben-Gurion’s dream became Rivlin’s reality. Searching for Rivlin’s archetypes, what we found, instead, was a mixture of traditions, backgrounds and beliefs.
So come find out what happened to the tantalizingly simple (and simultaneously endlessly complicated) idea of an Israeli “melting pot.”