Herzl 48

‘Herzl 48’ is Israel Story’s first live show, which premiered in May 2014. Over several months, the Israel Story team visited all fifty-four Herzl Streets in Israel, from Kiryat Shmona in the North all the way down to Dimona in the Negev desert. We knocked on doors, sat in living rooms, drank tea, recorded little pieces of life, and collected the sounds and stories that make up our country.

We met Russians and Moroccans, Arabs and Jews, new immigrants and old-timers, Orthodox and secular. And now we bring them to you, in an array of exciting packages: You will hear from Sima, who gave birth to her first-born son the very same day her brother was killed in Lebanon; you will go into the kitchen with Tzvika, who claims to make the best spicy sausages in the Middle East; you will dance with the ‘Soul Messengers,’ the colorful choir of Black Hebrews who came to Israel from the Midwest, and more and more and more.

In seventy quick minutes, we take you on a tour of Israel— one that weaves together lives, and offers audiences a thrilling and thought-provoking cross-section of the country.