Episode 42

“The Wall” Part III – The Invisibles

  • 58:24
  • 2019
After visiting two of Israel's most visible walls, we shift gears to slightly more abstract ones. Walls, both new and old, that you might have a harder time finding on the ground, but will - nevertheless - show us where we came from and where we are going.
“The Wall” Part III – The Invisibles

Walls are something you can see. Something you can touch. Something you can run into and get a nasty bump on your head. Or… are they?! In our episode today – part three of our miniseries – we tell the stories of three walls that won’t appear on your typical map. Three walls you’d probably miss unless you heard about them, well… here. But don’t think that makes them less significant or present in daily Israeli society. Not at all. In fact, they help us trace our history all the way from its earliest beginnings to its menacing future.

Prologue: Kacha Lo Bonim Choma

Mishy Harman

Mishy Harman talks to Yoram Arbel, Israel’s quintessential sportscaster. Together they go back in time to Ramat Gan, 1989, where – in the middle of a pivotal World Cup qualifying match between Israel and Australia – an unimaginably iconic catchphrase was born.

Act I: Building a Wall

Yochai Maital

When Yochai Maital recently tried to send a text message with some good news to his friends and family, he discovered that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had all simultaneously collapsed. That got him thinking. How much of his life, he wondered, relied on web-based platforms? What would happen if they all crashed at once? And what, really, was protecting our ever-expanding digital presence? Luckily, he knew just the man to ask: Gil Shwed, an enthusiastic computer geek from Beit HaKerem, Jerusalem who – among many other things – is widely considered to be the inventor of the modern computer firewall. Gil recounts how, from his start at a local Orthodox community center, he went on to found and run Check Point, one of the world’s most influential software giants.

And… ever thought you’d join an island retreat of Indonesian hackers? Now is your chance. Check out this video of them celebrating.

Act II: Lenny at the Gate

Mishy Harman

What happens when an internationally renowned artist stands in front of his inspiring muse? Mishy Harman tells a tale which all began when, in November 1957, one particularly prominent New Yorker opened his Sunday morning Times and read about an astounding biblical discovery halfway across the globe.


The original music in this episode was composed, arranged, and performed by the Israel Story band led by Ari Jacob and Dotan Moshonov, together with Ruth DanonEden Djamchid and Ronnie Wagner-Schmidt. The new lyrics to Leonard Bernstein’s “Maria” (or “Moriah”) were written by Ari Wenig, who also sang it. The end song is our band’s cover of Shomer HaChomot (“The Keeper of the Walls”), written by Dan Almagor, composed by Benny Nagari and originally performed by Zevet Havay Pikkud HaMerkaz.

Additional music by Broke For FreeLee Rosevere, Dotan Moshonov, Yochai Maital, Podington BearKevin MacLeodBiz Baz StudioThe Chamber Music Society of Lincoln CenterSensoramaWayne Jones and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. This episode was edited by Sara Ivry, Yochai Maital and Zev Levi, and was mixed by Adam Milliner and Kfir Shai.

Thanks to Latif Nasser, Revital Iyov, Lawrence Bull, Rafi Schoffman, Dani Schoffman, Yotam Michael Yogev, Nili Priel, Chanan Mazal, Adar Waldman, Gil Messing, Noam Bar, Shira Kaplan, Israel Finkelstein, Neil Silberman, Avner Goren, Gideon and Nechama Foerster, Shlomit Bechar and Shlomo Maital for both dubbing and guiding us through the world of Israeli cybersecurity startups.

It is based on Israel Story’s latest live show tour – “The Wall.” Thanks to all who made that tour possible, including Sutton Place Synagogue, Ben Murane and Hannah Cohen from NIF Canada, Peter Fehlhaber, Lynn and Aubrey Kauffman, Elisa and Gil Palter, Brian Garrick, Mindy Shipon, Rachel LeVine, Chris Phillips and Chris Renda.


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