Short Episode

Sivan Avnery

  • 19:49
  • 2023
Sivan Avnery

For months Sivan Avnery – a physical therapist from Kfar Shmaryahu – was active in the demonstrations against the judicial reforms. Like hundreds of thousands of other Israelis, he felt he was fighting for his home, for the very nature of his country. But he had no idea how true that was about to become.

On Saturday morning, October 7, Sivan received a message which is every parent’s worst nightmare: His 18-year-old son Tal was – unbeknownst to him – at the Nova party in Re’im, and was now fleeing for his life. Without a second of hesitation, Sivan knew exactly what he needed to do.

This piece was produced by Adina Karpuj.


The end song is Yeled Shel Abba (“A Father’s Son”) by Mooki.