Short Episode

Mishael Zion

  • 28:57
  • 2024
Mishael Zion

Next week, millions of Jews around the world will sit down at their Passover tables, for what will invariably be a very different kind of seder. The timeless question of how this night, or this Pesach, is different from all other nights, and all other Pesachs, has gained an entirely new – and tragic – dimension since October 7th. And few, if any, have thought about this matter more than forty-three year old Mishael Zion, a liberal Orthodox rabbi and Jewish educator from Jerusalem.

In 1997, Mishael’s father – Noam Zion – together with his friend David Dishon – published a popular English-language Haggadah called “A Different Night.” Seven years later, Mishael joined forces with his dad in creating an Israeli version – HaLayla HaZeh: Haggadah Israelit. And this year, two decades after that Israeli Haggadah came out, Mishael and his father decided to update it, for the first post-October 7th seder.

To purchase a digital copy of the Israeli Haggadah in Hebrew, click here.

To download the Zion Haggadah supplement in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French, click here.


The end song is Chad Gadya (“One Little Goat”) by Chava Alberstein.