Short Episode

Hedai Offaim

  • 16:24
  • 2023
Hedai Offaim

During this dark time, Israeli civil society has risen to the occasion. Hedai Offaim – a chef, farmer and social entrepreneur – has transformed his café into a relief kitchen where 750 volunteers prepare more than 10,000 nutritious meals a day for evacuated communities, families in mourning, families of hostages and reservists.

To donate in Israel, please see this Paybox link for “ארוחות ללוחמים ולמפונים – משק עפאים”.


Donors who wish to make their gift to a USA public charity and receive a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of gifts to public charities as allowed by law can give to Impact Cubed (tax ID 83-2215503) through cash, credit card or other options for transfer. More information is at

In the designating section please choose “other” and add “Ofaimme – Arava spirit initiative”.


The end song is Hora He’achzut (“Hold On Hora”) by Kaveret.