Short Episode

Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Soul Food”

  • 17:54
  • 2021
On Christmas Eve 2014, Erwin Prabhu and Tali Aronsky met in a wine shop in Jerusalem. This was the start of an unusually close bond. In our most recent episode - “Soul Food” - we heard Tali’s side of the story. Now, all the way from Bangalore, we hear Erwin’s.
Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Soul Food”

When we decide to pursue a story, we identify the relevant characters, reach out to them and go interview them. Not everyone will make it into the final version, of course. We’re also hyper aware of the fact that different people recall the same events in different ways, or have different perspectives on what happened. And we spend a lot of time fact-checking, cross-referencing and trying to reconcile those differences in a way that allows us to tell one coherent story.


Tali Aronsky’s story in “Soul Food” is no different. For all kinds of editorial reasons, we ultimately decided to focus the piece on her version of events, and indeed she was the only voice you heard. But now we bring you another perspective on the same events – from the man who nurtured Tali back to herself; a stranger with a kind heart who stepped in when he was most needed – Erwin Prabhu.

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Zev Levi scored this bonus with music from Blue Dot Sessions. Sela Waisblum created the mix. Thanks to Adina Karpuj, Tanya Huyard and Matthew Litman. The end song, Shir Ahava Indiani (Indian Love Song) is by Alma Zohar.