Short Episode

Angela Buchdahl and Shlomo Nisanov

  • 19:23
  • 2023
Angela Buchdahl and Shlomo Nisanov

The nature of the attacks on October 7th, together with certain subsequent reactions around the world, have blurred the lines between Jews in Israel and Jews in the diaspora. Last week, the UJA Federation of New York brought over a delegation of 28 Jewish leaders – mainly rabbis and educators – on a jam-packed 48-hour-long whirlwind of a trip to Israel. We sat down with two, very different, members of the delegation – Reform Rabbi Angela Buchdahl and Orthodox Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov – to hear what it feels like to visit Israel in the middle of a war.


The end song is Am Echad Shir Echad (“One People One Song”) by Selected Israeli Artists.