Short Episode

Amit Halivni Bar-Peled

  • 25:15
  • 2024
Amit Halivni Bar-Peled

It’s Yom HaZikaron again, Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror. Since the start of the war, 1511 Israeli civilians and members of the armed forces have been killed. That’s 1511 families who have joined the dreaded circle of grief and bereavement. 1511 families whose lives will never again be the same.

Today, we share the story of one such family. A small family. One that was just starting off, really. Thirty-year-old Yuval Halivni was a reserve officer who was killed on October 9th. He left behind a wife, Amit Halivni Bar-Peled, who is a pastry chef and makes amazingly elaborate wedding cakes, and a little boy, Jon-Jon, who was less than two when his dad was killed.


The end song is Hatishma Koli (“Hear My Voice”) by Rivka Revivo.