Short Episode

Aliza Raz-Melzer

  • 19:26
  • 2024
Aliza Raz-Melzer

There has been endless talk of the “Home Front” during this war. The “Home Front,” as in what goes on here in Israel, as opposed to what happens on the battlefield – in the streets and alleyways of Gaza. But, there is – of course – also a home front, or rather many different kinds of home fronts: some are stoic, others less so; some are somehow managing, others not at all. Much to her dismay, Aliza Raz-Melzer’s 50-year-old husband Amiad volunteered to go fight. She gave us a glance into her home front. A home front that is conflicted – proud and supportive on the one hand, divided and even furious on the other.


The end song is K’She’Ata Kan (“When You Are Here”) by Ninet Tayeb.